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    Bigger, Fatter,

    Fuller: Your

    Bestie for big,

    beautiful hair!

    A volumising collection for big, bold, beautiful tresses, so you can proudly say “I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair!”

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    4 Products
    Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter Fuller Shampoo
    Boost body and texture for big, bouncy, beautiful hair with this daily volumizing shampoo!
    Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter Fuller Conditioner
    Step two to big, bold, beautiful hair – without compromising on the volume or the condition.
    Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter Fuller My Big Fat Root Boost Mousse Spray
    This item does not ship to California
    Our award-winning Root Boosting thickening mousse adds serious volume with long lasting results.
    Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter Fuller Plumping Cream
    The ultimate support for big, bold, beautiful hair. A super thickening lotion to give you that extra boost.
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